Beacon is the content publishing app for public spaces.

Connect with your target audience on site. Engage them in a discussion as you promote, inform and educate.

Extend your reach with Beacon. Use Beacon to talk with your consumers and employees in a tangible and intelligent way that builds their interest and loyalty. Beacon is a great tool for increasing sales, improving brand loyalty and optimizing the customer experience – right now, on site.

Easily craft and publish your message.

Customize your content using pre-designed slide templates, combine your photos and even add visual data to create a professional visual experience that communicates directly to your customers.

Communicate with different target audiences in multiple locations.

Customize your message for each of your target audiences. Then publish specific content to various locations. Whether sending a presentation to your boardroom, sharing promotions with customers in your lobby, communicating human resource updates to your employee breakroom, or highlighting campus events, Beacon can help you create, save and publish to multiple locations.

Engage people within your space, right now.

Interact with customers, patients and students as they view your message on your display and on their smartphones. Beacon is a great way to talk to and with customers while shopping, dining, on campus, or in any public space.